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Basic Newf Know How:

Grooming: Basic equipment is a slicker brush, steel comb, rake and nail clippers. Be careful not to scratch the skin. Keep nails cut back and the hair between the pads of the feet cut off flush with the pads. Check inside the ears regularly and clean with cotton pads as necessary. Use ear wash solution or a mild mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Keep your Newf well groomed and free of all mats. There are no excuses!! Bathe your Newf with a good dog shampoo on a regular basis. A wonderful product for mats is Cowboy Magic Detangler which is available at some feed stores that carry horse products. A canine dog dryer is a wonderful investment along with a grooming table and grooming arm. Grooming can be a pleasurable experience for you and your dog with considerable bonding as your enjoy each other’s company.

Training: A trained dog is a happy dog. He knows what is expected of him and is welcome almost anywhere. Your Newfoundland will be a magnet and you want to be proud of him. Dogs are creatures of habit, be sure that your pup develops good ones. Be consistent in your training. Obedience school is essential for a giant breed. I will be glad to help you find a suitable class for you to attend with your pup. Be sure that it’s one that is comfortable for you. Training a dog is work, but time very well spent!!

Exercise: Your puppy should spend a part of the day in his fenced yard. He will develop better if he has free exercise. Pups that only have short leash walks or lay around all day will not develop the strong muscles and healthy bones they need. Having said this: NO FORCED EXERCISE FOR THE FIRST YEAR!! A puppy’s bones are soft and cannot handle excessive exercise. Puppy will go till he can’t anymore to try to please you. DO NOT ALLOW PUPPY WITH OLDER DOGS WHO WILL PLAY TOO ROUGH!! All it takes is one bad spill and you could do permanent damage. Do not drag him around for mile long walks when he’s still a baby. Use your judgement and treat your puppy like the baby he is for the first year. Remember, puppy will grow a big body but he’s still a youngster. Slippery floors are not good for your puppy. Puppy needs a non-skid surface so he doesn’t slip and injure himself. Excessive stair climbing is not good for a young dog and that includes up and down. Try to keep your youngster from racing down flights of stairs and landing with a jump at the bottom. Again, good training will help.

Most of all, love your Newfoundland and give your dog everything he/she deserves! You will be richly rewarded!

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Pictures of Past Litters:

Ch Sunvalley Petitions Pouch Cove x Ch. Kettle Hill's Kayenne
3 boys, 1 girl - whelped August 6, 2008
Pictures at 7 Weeks


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